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About Your Hot Air Balloon Pilot

Shane Douglas Cory, owner/operator of Aerogelic Ballooning, is a third generation pilot; and second generation owner of one of the first commercial Hot Air Balloon Ride Companies to emerge in Phoenix, Arizona in the mid 70's.

In 1974 the Cory family started flying hot air balloons, and became the first people in the State of Arizona to actually purchase a Hot Air Balloon.  Now, almost 50 years later, Shane Cory continues the family legacy of perfect safety in hot air balloon rides in Phoenix.

Beginnings of The Cory Family Tradition
Shane's parents, Phillip & Angelica Cory, both commercial hot air balloon pilots, had their first hot air balloon "adventure" in 1973.  Launching their Great Pumpkin in the desert behind their Mesa, AZ residence began a marvelous adventure, later evolving into a family legacy.

Gaining great recognition as a commercial balloon pilot, Phillip Cory found himself being offered numerous corporate advertising contracts; some of the more prestigious hot air balloon piloting contracts were contracting to fly the KNIX hot air balloon, KDKB hot air balloon, & the Toyota hot air balloon.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Flights Out Of Many Arizona Cities
Aerogelic Ballooning offers hot air balloon flights in and over the cities of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Peoria, Sun City and other towns in "The Valley".  The Aerogelic Hot Air Ballooning staff are specialists in custom hot air balloon adventures, corporate hot air balloon advertising and hot air balloon tours in Arizona.

Premier Balloon Rides for Groups and VIP's
Aerogelic Ballooning presents hot air balloon rides promising only premier balloon rides for group passengers or VIP guests. We specifically operate with small two, four and six passenger balloons, creating more of the true hot air balloon adventure for our customers.  Whether you're from Sun City or Scottsdale, Peoria or  paradise Valley, Aerogelic Ballooning is sure to make your hot air balloon flight memory of a lifetime.

Custom Hot Air Balloon Rides for Large Groups
In an effort to serve more people without sacrificing it's signature premier service, Aerogelic has formed a partnership with Goodguys Balloonists L.L.C.  This has allowed Shane and his staff to provide award winning service to groups of up to 20-30 people.

2136 W Melinda Ln
Phoenix AZ 85027
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