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About Allied Home Checkers

High temperatures combined with low humidities can evaporate the water from plumbing traps which could allow sewer gases and or sewer roaches to enter your home. It can also cause the drying out of wood furniture, some types of musical instruments and art work. 

It is generaly recommended that you maintain indoor summer temperatures below 86 degrees.

Undetected water leaks in the plumbing lines can cause higher water bills, water damage, and in some cases mold growth.

Costs of repair and restoration can be greatly reduced if detected early. 
We provide home checks and care for homes and properties located in the Phoenix Metro area for absentee home owners.

About Allied Energy Services, LLC

At Allied Energy Services in Phoenix, Arizona, we specialize in providing quality residential energy management products and services. For over 25 years, we and our previous company, Sierra International Inc., have helped over 18,000 customers save MONEY on their utility bills by utilizing demand computers, load controllers, energy management computers, interlocks, peak clippers, schedulers and timers that are designed to work in conjunction with "demand based utility rates" that are available from Arizona Public Service.

We are in no way connected to Arizona Public Service but are dedicated to helping our customers pay less for their power usage.

16227 N 21st St
Phoenix AZ 85022
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