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4365 E Pecos Rd Suite 128
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About Us

   Amac Logistics wants to be your transportation and logistics partner. We have over 100 years of combined experience supported with, state-of-the-art technology. We are prepared to handle your toughest projects.

   With access to over 15,000 trucks a day we can make it happen. We believe in a family environment where real people answer the phone, and customer service is the heart of our company. We are here to service your needs.

Contract Management

The ability to pull all rates and tariffs into one database and support multiple facilities, modes, and carriers. Estimated savings of 10% reduction in administration costs.

This is where you can begin... We have the tools to make it happen!
Contract Management gives you the ability to record all transportation providers contracts, in a single system, well orgnaized, with easy access.

Maintaining accurate rates prevents many costly errors from carrier selection to freight payment.

The complexity of today's rates and tariffs makes it literally impossible to properly audit a freight bill in traditional accounts payable systems.

Studies have shown that the internal costs to pay a manual freight bill can exceed $10.00 per transaction. 

4365 E Pecos Rd Suite 128
Gilbert AZ 85295
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