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What’s the one auto detail you just gotta have as you cruise ‘round Tempe, Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler and Gilbert? Tinted windows, of course! Here in sunny Arizona, it’s an excellent idea for home and office, too.

Cool Comfort, safety and privacy for your auto, home and office
The sun’s heat rays can make window sitting a pretty uncomfortable prospect. That’s why you should have American Eagle Protint apply SolarGard window film to your auto glass, picture windows, portholes, or skylights.

SolarGard films:

-Block up to 99 percent of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet light
-Reject as much as 66 percent of the sun’s heat, reducing
  energy demands
-Protect and preserve upholstery against fading, drying and cracking
-Offer interior privacy from prying eyes
-Provide increased safety, and
-Architectural films can even resist graffiti
-Make for a pretty cool aesthetic enhancement, too

Low riders might be interested to know we do tape pin striping and sell custom dash mats, too.

6900 S Priest Dr Ste 3
Tempe AZ 85283
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