American Savings Life Insurance Company
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American Savings: Honoring Commitments since 1954

Mission Statement
American Savings Life offers exceptional security for its account holders. We are committed to continuing the conservative investment principles this great Company has espoused for over 60 years. Our conservative principles can offer you security and peace of mind.
Proven Record
Over the past 60 years our investment principles and strategies are just as conservative as any other company. Due to our niche investments in conservatively valued real estate we are able to yield a significant return on products which allows us to pay higher than average interest rates on our insurance products.
With our capability of investing our assets in a niche investment market we are able to see higher than average returns on our investments. We are in a favorable position of starting out with very strong equity positions in our loans (between 50% - 60% loan-to-value) when we make them. 
Therefore, when the housing market takes a downturn, like we have recently seen, we are securely invested in properties in which we have given conservative values to.
Financial Strength
Due to the Company’s long standing conservative investment principles we have managed to remain financially strong through the ups and downs the economy has seen over the past 60 years.
According to an analysis done by Standard Analytical Service, Inc., which is an independent company that produces Independent Comparative Reports for life insurance companies. These reports are based on statutory financial statements files with the state insurance departments and are intended to serve as a guide with respect to the current financial responsibility of the individual company featured. This report is comparing the top 25 of the largest life insurance companies in the United States to American Savings.
They found that American Savings is favorable in comparison with the aggregate averages of 25 of the largest life insurance companies for the following reasons.
Financial Solvency indicates a company’s ability to meet all obligations as they become due. 
They also cited that a company's Surplus Funds, including any capital, may indicate their ability to take emergencies in stride. ASL's unique financial strength offers exceptional security for it's Policyholders. ASL's strong Asset-to-Liabilities capital position provides a Solvency Ratio many times greater than most large life insurance companies.

935 E Main St Ste 100
Mesa AZ 85203
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