To simply give is the sweetest gift®

Whether by doing or making, when you give of yourself or a special gift, you are giving love and Amerikiss exists to bring love and joy to others through creating original Custom artistic creations for generations to come™

Custom Amerikiss® creations include Artistic Memory Albums, Shadow Boxes and Memorial Display Cases for cremated remains. You provide the photos and memorabilia and I'll create for you a masterpiece of YOUR memories!

Price point gifts and fundraising creations are also available!

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Inspired Amerikiss® gifts include scrap canvas art that is inspired to use up the leftover paper scraps from custom creations and poetry collage art that is created to spread messages of peace and inspiration through artful collage poetry.

10% of all sales are donated to the volunteer operated nonprofit Notes for Knights® to help bring hand written notes of gratitude to our older forgotten and all generations of veterans both in and out of hospitals across the country.
Our Amazing Story
My name is Rachelle and I am the owner, artist and creator of the custom artistry business Amerikiss. The original poetry collage design, logo and trademark for Amerikiss® was created in 2002 but the business was not formed until 2007. Originally it was the dream and intention of creating an entire collection of collage messages on pocket cards, greeting cards, and high quality prints of various sizes -- which are currently being revived.
Through the years follow, countless varying circumstances zig-zagged Amerikiss® away from paper creations to crocheting at farmers markets and an organizing service, followed by a life-altering diagnosis. It was after that "format and subsequent reboot" of my newly diagnosed bipolar mind the obvious purpose of Amerikiss -- and my Self – revealed it had been there all along.

As the editor and re-creator of my high school newspaper my junior year and the editor of the yearbook my senior year, I gained fundamental skills and technical knowledge for creating the most aesthetically pleasing page designs. Little did I know it would be the foundation for my true calling -- a dream come true mix of designing, crafting, writing and creating -- my own style of custom artistry.

There had also been a billboard sign I completely missed...during my farmers markets years, I was asked to teach a scrapbook/memory album class for mentally challenged adults even though I had NOTHING directly associated with doing such for people other than the poetry collage images.

And though I had created other albums for myself and close family/friends, it was during the early summer 2013 creation of my English Pointer, Missy's album that the epiphany occurred. She had passed away earlier that spring from skin cancer. As I completed and added pages to her album, I would slowly journey through our story, each time feeling the love and joy growing. Until finally the energy of my pulsating "soul spot" invoked within me a revelation: If makes me feel so AMAZING remembering the life of my angel with a simple and overflowing journey through an album made with my creative gift, then I must share this gift and immense joy with the world.

And so it has been quite a journey...especially getting "discovered" by an ambassador for the Chandler Chamber of Commerce who insisted I attend a morning meeting. It was at the end of this meeting I was presented with the incredible opportunity of creating a final resting space for a woman name Guilia who inspired the Amerikiss®Signature Collection of Memorial Display Cases for cremated remains.

To join the Amerikiss® journey, please like, follow instagram@loveamerikiss, and And always remember, to simply give is the sweetest gift®.


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