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Anumed is a biomed research company with an important competitive advantage. The company’s scientists and consultants are world class and leaders in their field. Dr. Rene Ryba MD, a researcher himself, manages this group and because of the company’s extensive connections, including international scientific connections; the quality of its products, the manufacturing procedures and the company’s new health solutions coming down the pipeline are exciting and innovative.
AnuMed specializes in solutions for significant health problems such as PTSD, Immune diseases, weight loss, anti-aging, diabetes and women’s health. Our products are manufactured in the company’s FDA registered facility and come in the form of creams, gels, liquids, tablets  and homeopathic products. The company conducts clinical trials and works closely with the American Homeopathic School and Medicine.

An important part of the company’s focus is on growth factors and the potential success they offer in treating a wide range of health problems and diseases. 

Through continued innovation in science and technology, AnuMed seeks to provide its customers with the highest quality products, while striving to connect Nature and her bounty on the one hand and our manufacturing practices on the other.  Through our products, we invite our customers to experience significant benefits and to enjoy the freedom and confidence that come from AnuMed's care for the details throughout the cGMp manufacturing process.

Dr. Rene Ryba
Dr. Ryba trained in Europe as a medical doctor with additional years of expertise in trauma and vascular surgery. Later became an exchange member at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. After many years of practice he ends up being puzzled over the short comings of allopathic medicine. He has embarked on the quest to find better solutions for the current insufficiencies.

After years of deep studies of the options offered by the alternative approach he found his passion in the scientific arm of Naturopathic Medicine which he views as a great “synergistic bridge”, a missing link if you would, in the contemporary medical care. He has made and continues to make remarkable discoveries in the field of alternative medicine. As a fundamental scientist and researcher, Dr Ryba collaborates with scientists from all over the world and is in process of putting together an impressive AnuMed - International board of Medical Advisors. This focus allows AnuMed - International to offer novel solutions which are amongst the best in their field.

3908 E Broadway Rd Ste 110
Phoenix AZ 85040
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