Arcadia Pet Sitting
Phoenix AZ 85018
Loving and Responsible Care in your own home...

I know you need someone you can trust with your pets and your home. I provide my clients with dependable, quality care and peace of mind. Please call me for references from my many happy clients.

Trips from home are part of life, but we can make your time away worry free for you and much more enjoyable for your pets.

When pets are removed from their familiar home environment and left at a kennel or boarding facility, their fear of strange surroundings adds to their separation anxiety.

At Arcadia Pet Sitting, we provide loving and responsible care of your pets in your own home. This reduces your pets' fear and anxiety and helps them feel safe and secure.


• Your pets get one-on-one focused attention
• They stay in their own familiar surroundings
• They get affection and playtime every day
• Their separation anxiety is minimized
• A pet sitter costs less than a kennel
• You get lots of extra services and benefits
• You have someone to watch your house, too
• Wendi is a Pet Sitters Associates member

Phoenix AZ 85018
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