Artistic Dental Design, Inc.
2757 E Sweetwater Ave
Phoenix AZ 85032

Our Commitment to You

We all know that most patients are more informed and their expectations are higher then they were 10 - 20 years ago.      
When something doesn't meet their expectations, some may not say anything; they just won't refer family and friends, so our job is to make your patients very happy with you and "your" work.     
How do we do that?     
We're not a factory. We don't have 50 employees - all adding their interpretation to a crown as it moves down the 'assembly-line'.
We're a small lab - committed to quality work. It isn't even a goal for us to become a giant lab that produces mediocre work.
Our laboratory is structured around the concept of completing each case exactly as each doctor wants it done.
Our case-entry software ensures your cases will ship the way you want them. In summary:     
We give each of your cases the details you want! You get the anatomy, occlusion, contacts and contours that you want.     
We're not in the "who-can-make-it-cheapest" contest.         
We don't need to apologize for any of our choices as far as the materials we use. We use quality materials: from the stone for the models, to the box we use to ship the finished restorations back.     
We pay our employees a very fair wages and allow them to take the time to get the work done correctly. Ask any one of our employees and they'll tell you that they've been told, "Good enough" IS NOT "Good enough".     
Does that mean that our prices are high? We're not a 'boutique lab' that charges $300 or more per crown, and we're not as cheap as the 'off-shore' labs either. We offer reasonable prices, great service, and above- average quality - and we deliver that to you consistently.     
And last, but probably most important: WE SHIP ON-TIME - ALWAYS.

We understand what it costs a dentist when a patient needs to be rescheduled because the lab work isn't there or it needs to be sent back because it won't work.

We're constantly aware of the costs when a patient needs to be rescheduled and we do all that we can to avoid causing that.

2757 E Sweetwater Ave
Phoenix AZ 85032
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