Auto Protection
16742 E Parkview Ave Ste 1
Fountain Hls AZ 85268
About Us

When Auto Protection first started, our programs were available to purchase through repair shops, authorized insurance brokers and select dealers. The founder of Auto Protection realized there was a need to sell direct to consumers and offer the program nationwide. We've been selling extended service contracts to the public and across america since 1997. Since then, we've seen many companies come and go, so please don't be confused by our competitors. We are the original Auto Protection and have been selling auto protection plans for 15 years.

Available Plans
  • New Car Coverage
  • used Car Coverage
  • Older Car Coverage
  • Powertrain Coverage

Free Roadside Assistance
If you run out of fuel, lock your keys in the car or get a worries...our plans include Free Roadside Assistance! One phone call will dispatch help and get you back your way!

16742 E Parkview Ave Ste 1
Fountain Hls AZ 85268
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