Avella Specialty Pharmacy
24416 N 19th Ave
Phoenix AZ 85085

The history of Avella Specialty Pharmacy dates back to 1996 when the company began operations as a single pharmacy in Scottsdale, Arizona.

A few years later, clinical pharmacist and company founder John Musil recognized an opportunity to evolve his hands-on, patient- and physician-focused approach into a dynamic and growing arena of specialty pharmaceuticals.

Specialty pharmaceuticals stand out in several ways. These medications are generally:

  • Produced through ever-evolving, cutting-edge biotechnology processes
  • Expensive (therapies can range from $10,000 to over $250,000 per patient, per year)
  • Stored and handled under strict guidelines
  • Limited in distribution because they’re targeted toward smaller patient populations

Traditional retail pharmacies rarely dispense specialty pharmaceuticals due to these challenges. Notably, the manufacturers of these complex drugs demand tight control over quality and complete familiarity with complicated patient education responsibilities. With all of that in mind, they limit the number of distributors to a segment of dedicated experts.

At Avella Specialty Pharmacy, we’re proud to be precisely that: a team of dedicated experts. We’re proud that even though the nature of our business has changed, our foundational values never will. We strive to be a trusted and crucial link between new medicines and the doctors and patients who depend upon them.

Our mission "to optimize patient health through a relentless devotion to clinical excellence" drives everything we do.

Welcome to the world of Avella Specialty Pharmacy.

24416 N 19th Ave
Phoenix AZ 85085
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