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About Us

 Barry Fone, Owner/Operator,  has more than 40 years experience in Electronics, including 5 years as a top level Avionics technician at Cobham Aerospace in Prescott, Arizona. He continues to enforce FAA level quality requirements and work practices, and is likely the only technician who has ever performed work on both Lear Jet (inventor of the 8 track format) 8 track units and Lear Jet Avionics equipment.

Barry received a degree in Electronics from the U.S. Navy in 1981, as well as a Letter of Commendation for completing the courses 69 hours ahead of his projected completion time. His performance reviews, in which his work output and warranty return rate are literally "off the charts", can be perused from his website.

Barry is also a licensed ham operator and songwriter with 5 awards from Billboard for his original music compositions. From decades of experience performing in bands (including a short stint with Robert Bacon, actor Kevin's cousin), Barry knows what music should sound like from a radio or 8 track player.

Every unit that comes through  BARRY'S 8 TRACK REPAIR  is given the complete tour of our massive array of test equipment. My dedication to quality enables me to enjoy a failure rate of LESS THAN ONE PER YEAR 

We keep your classic car SOUNDING classic! Offering full internal electronic and mechanical restoration of 8 track players and radios for classic cars manufactured between the years of 1966 to 1985. In addition, we network heavily with other related services and are happy to refer you to another service if they are better equipped to meet your needs than we are. We are the world's ONLY classic car radio repair shop who stocks hundreds of NEW motors for 8 track players. A new motor is standard for all Ford, Chrysler and AMC 8 track units. With our upfront, flat rate pricing system, the customer knows in advance how much it will cost. We put a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all work performed and have serviced customers from more than 10 countries including Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, Australia, Canada and Taiwan.

Services - We repair the following - NOTHING ELSE!
1. Car radios between the years of 1966 to 1985
2. ALL type of 8 track players including those used in vintage arcade games, home player and recorders and any type of 8 track car unit.
3. We service 8 track tapes, with a minimum order of $150. All 8 track tapes, unless recently serviced, require a new foil splice to prevent damage to your machine. Our price to repair tapes is 5.00 per tape plus return shipping.
4. If desired, we can install an external MP3 input at no extra charge.

4783 N Glenrosa Cir
Prescott Vly AZ 86314
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