Belfor Property Restoration
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Who We Are

BELFOR is the leading global restoration and repair company. We analyze and restore fire, water and storm damage of every kind and on any scale. We enable business and private customers to
overcome the consequences of damage quickly, smoothly and cost-effectively. We invest every effort in minimizing business interruptions and getting things back to normal. We draw on more than 35 years of experience, use the latest technical equipment and employ highly qualified people.

After all, our assignment is more than just a job: the survival of your assets is at stake.

Environmental Responsibility
All the companies in the BELFOR Group accept a special obligation to the environment and its
protection. For this reason, we always apply the most environment-friendly and lowest-impact
restoration method – such as the use of Soot Removal Film, which was developed specifically for fire damage restoration purposes. It binds contaminants for disposal without generating any dust and consumes practically no water. Our compliance with all national and international environmental protection laws goes without saying. These include EU Directive 2004/35/EC on environmental liability with regard to the prevention and remedying of environmental damage, and the German Environmental Damage Act of 2007, which imposes an obligation to undertake restoration works if a danger of environmental damage exists. A company ignoring this obligation can incur very extensive liability. We help you to avoid exposure to statutory liability claims arising from such consequential damage. By engaging BELFOR, you provide more sustainable protection to your business, your assets and the environment.

23610 N 20th Dr Ste 2
Phoenix AZ 85085
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