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460 E Auto Center Dr
Mesa AZ 85204

Drive confidence. Drive security. Drive the Berge Ford Difference.

 Ford Motor Company is, and always has been, built on fundamentally sound business decisions. As you are well aware, General Motors and Chrysler are both floundering thru bankruptcy and downsizing not only their workforce but their dealer base as well. Ford is maintaining stability and continuously working to provide the finest automotive product on the market. Further, Ford Motor Company did not take one single penny from the American taxpayers. Several years ago, Ford's upper management team made smart decisions preventing them from needing any of the government funding handed out to our competition. Talk about forward-thinking!

I would like to let all of you strong, hard-working, and faithful Americans know about something else not talked about often enough - the Ford product. Ford Motor Company is building the best line-up of vehicles ever to grace the showroom floor. You owe it yourself to check out Ford's incredible line-up.  From the 2010 Fusion and Fusion Hybrid, 2010 Mustang, and the all-new redesigned 2010 Taurus, we're sure to have something to fit your needs.

Let's recreate the enthusiasm about domestic car-buying. Ford is the only traditional American car company and sees no need to ask for government financial assistance nor has accepted any bailout money. In fact, Ford is not pulling back on the most important thing of all - product - and has actually increased spending in research & development. This speaks to Ford's commitment to provide the best, safest, and state of the art products on the market.

With fuel-efficient, high quality cars and trucks Ford is changing to meet the needs of today's customers. We're being recognized for our quality and safety, and for our solid business plan.

+ Taking the Lead in Fuel Efficiency
+ Expanding line-up of hybrid cars including the new 41mpg Ford Fusion
+ New “SmartGauge” technology
+ New EcoBoost engine
+ Recognized for Quality & Safety
+ Ford has more 5-star vehicles and IIHS “Top Picks” than any other company in the industry
+ “pulling away from the rest of Detroit” and “now on par with good Japanese automakers”

460 E Auto Center Dr
Mesa AZ 85204
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