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Best Harvest Manufactures and Sells Hay and Silage Moisture Testers, Delmhorst Meters, Hay Probes, Grain Probes and Soil Sampler Probes. Designed Around Your Needs and the Specifications of the USDA, NFTA and Universities.
  • Easy-to-Use Faster Version of USDA Approved Testing Method
  • Moisture Test Silage, Hay, Corn, Wheat, Rye, Beans, Barley, Rice, Forage, Nuts, Herbs, Wood Chips, Cotton and Much More
  • Determine when to Harvest, Bale and Store Hay & Crops
  • Control Dry Matter Intake in TMRs (total mixed rations)
  • Measures Silage Moisture Content up to 85%
  • Crop & Silage Tester Accurate to 0.1% Moisture Content

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4115 7 Mile Road
Bay City MI 48706
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