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This company offers books on gun fundamentals, reloading equipment, presses, gun magazines, DVD's, T-Shirts and slide glide gun lubricants online.

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Topics Available as of 9-30-14

Words & Tips Simple tips, obscure quotes, and in-depth discussions.  
What I Hate Various essays on petty tyrants and annoying situations.
Ol' Days Photos Fun pics from the early '80's, of me, Rob Leatham and many more.
Links My favorite links... Shooting, music, Zen and more.
Bio A brief shooting biography.
Maku mozo! Join my Maku mozo! email list.
Brian's Forums The oracle for all things informational.
Dinner Meet for dinner or a beer. (The first link ever on
Old Splash Page For the ol' timers - The first page ever, on

P.O. Box 3168
Tempe AZ 85280
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