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About Us

The Concept
Since the early 1970's, the federal government instituted laws to encourage the use of alternative fuels in an effort to provide a cleaner, healthier environment. Over the years, these efforts received little attention and minimal compliance. In 1992, the Energy Policy Act (EPACT) was enacted as a direct result of the Persian Gulf War and mandated 75% of government fleets be converted to alternative fuel. Today, with the inception of the war on terrorism, President Bush specifically identified our dependency on foreign oil as a top priority. It is now, not only an environmental concern, but an economic concern to relieve the dependency our country has on foreign oil.

The reality today is that government fleets are less than 5% compliant with EPACT regulations. This non-compliance is largely due to the inability of alternative fuel providers to supply a conversion system that meets EPA standards.

The Company
Campbell - Parnell, Inc. (Campbell - Parnell, Inc.) is a Phoenix based company that specializes in the distribution and installation of EPA-certified LPG conversion systems to government agencies in the United States. The company will provide products and services that allow the government sector to achieve 100% compliance with EPACT regulations.

The Company's Commitment
Campbell - Parnell, Inc. is committed to playing an important role in the alternative fuel industry with a pledge to design, manufacture, distribute, train, educate and promote this field. They will continue to create and encourage the growth of environmentally clean and safe products, at a competitive price, for the continual growth of the company and the alternative fuel industry.

The Company can be measured by their commitment to excellence in products, customer service, and leadership within the industry.

1518 W Knudsen Dr Ste 100
Phoenix AZ 85027
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