Cattitude / Jane Ehrlich Feline Behaviorist
There Are No Problem Cats, Just Solutions Waiting to Be Found!

Does your cat soil outside the box, or scratch up the furniture?
Is he fearful?   Is she shredding curtains, or being aggressive toward you or to other pets?   Is he spraying?  Yowling?  Biting?
As a cat behaviorist, I help owners worldwide by in-home consultation or by phone and email.  Cats are incredibly sensitive creatures.  I know this from professional training  and over 25 years of experience, and work with you and your cat to overcome these and other problems.  There's always a reason for difficult behavior (in every stage of development, from kittens and cattens through adults and seniors), and we'll find answers together.  You love your fur friends-- I love what I do!  I've been featured on TV, radio and in the press (see 'Who I am').

*Please don't lose your relationship with your cat by not getting the help you need. The sooner the problem is dealt with, the easier it is to solve, and the less stress you and your cats will have.
Adopted shelter cats, and they're having trouble adjusting?  Is your cat aging and experiencing difficulties, or having a problem adjusting to a new cat or baby in the family? I can help.  

If what you have already tried has not worked, there is a better solution.

My Services
Mini-consultation: $45.00
Hour telephone consultation/email follow-up: $100.00
In-home consultation/email follow-up: $180.00

About Me
* Twenty-two years as clinical assistant and feline behavior advisor, RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) in North London.   
* Member:  American Association of Feline Practitioners;  
Animal Behavior Associates;  Feline Advisory Bureau (UK); American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior;  International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.  
'Cat expert' for the Sunday "Pet Editor" column, Arizona Republic Newspaper (regular contributor)
* KFNX Radio, 1100 AM Phoenix;  "Pet Talk" regular guest
Fox 10 News (7/10)
* The Archer Newspaper, London (10/10)   
* Biltmore Independent (11/10) 
Tails Newspaper/blog (2/11, 10/11) 
North Central News (1/11) 
ABC TV 15 (2/11) 
Webinar, Hope Emergency Animal Rescue (6/22/11)
* Arcadia News (8/11)
KTVK Channel 3, "Your Life A-Z" 10/4/11 
* Feline Behavior Counselor, volunteer, Arizona Animal Welfare League.  (2007-2009)
* Talks on cat behavior in metro Phoenix and London. NEXT:
 *Noble Beast, Phoenix, Jan. 28, 11 am. Talk: "Home Alone: enriching your cat's life when you're gone"   *Black Gull Bookshop, London, March (TBA)
* Studied under and worked with Dr. Michael W. Fox,internationally-known, respected scientist and pioneeringcanine/feline behaviorist. 
Established shelter feline behavior protocols and templates.
* Client referrals from animal shelters, rescues and veterinarians. 
* Current on feline behavioral research via journals, conference notes, international lectures and case studies. 
I am not a cat 'psychic' or 'healer'.  I'm a behaviorist who understands and works with their psychology as well as their individual personalities, and loves to continually learn about--
and from--them. 
I have over 30 years experience in, specifically, cat behavior,  and have been professionally trained.
I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust (and your cat's!), and to help find solutions that will enable both of you to live happier lives together.