CGS Technologies, Inc.
1801 W. Parkside Lane
Phoenix AZ 85027

About Us

Founded by Gary Kincart in 1973, Arizona Gasket became Canyon Gasket Supply Inc. in 1981. Now, CGS Technologies Inc has become a premiere solution provider for any and all applications dealing with sealing liquids, gasses, shock and vibration.

We are CGS Technologies, Inc., a diversified fabricator of custom designed "DIE CUT" parts for industries where quality and performance are most critical. CGS Technologies, Inc. is a supplier for many types of gasket materials, shielding, and thermal products, adhesives and fluid sealing products.

CGS is a leading fabricator of parts manufactured mainly from non-metallic materials. Our "specialty" is the fabrication of parts made from EMI/RFI shielding materials. Some parts such as Contacts, Shims, Rings, Insulators, and Spacers made from thin metals can also be fabricated.

We have the knowledge and equipment to work with Polyamide Film, Thermal, Anti-Static, and Non-Conductive materials as well as Structural Frozen Films and Adhesives for composite and structural bonding.

Located in sunbaked Phoenix, Arizona we are central to the growing commerce center of the Southwest.

We tackle problems that others cannot or will not try.

We are a leading fabricator of die cut parts for those industries where quality and performance are most critical

  • Certified to ISO9001:2000/ASCE Standards
  • Customer focused, technology driven company that has supplied quality products to the commercial and military markets for over 40 years
  • We find solutions to impossible problems
  • First fabricator in the Western United States conforming to ISO9001:2000/ASCE rev B
  • Ongoing active employee empowerment programs
  • We adhere to and perform to all military specifications involved in our industry
  • The foundation of CGS Technologies Inc. is to provide innovative products that others will not or cannot do
  • We are a size that maximizes control and allows for change
  • We are a quick-turn fabricator
  • All tooling is laser created, providing tolerances of ±.003"
  • We are the only fabricator that also does vacuum baking for outgassing materials in space applications
  • The laser cutting and press brake equipment is some of the most modern in the industry today
  • We provide anti-corrosive, Sulfur-Free packaging
  • CAD files can be transferred directly from the customer to our tool makers
  • We accept certain drawing files via EDI

1801 W. Parkside Lane
Phoenix AZ 85027
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