Colling Media, LLC
14362 N Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. Ste 1270
Scottsdale AZ 85260

"Advertising Solutions That Perform"

Brian Colling is a business and communications graduate from Arizona State University. Following years of field experience in several avenues of sales and marketing, Brian founded Colling Media to produce the most effective advertising solutions available today.

Through his expertise in sales and marketing, Brian oversees the daily operations and activities of Colling Media, spearheading each project with unheralded attention to detail and a focus on results oriented marketing.

Colling Media is fueled by a passion for creating innovative marketing concepts that drive businesses and profit margins for their clients.



Clients choose to work with Colling Media because they want to streamline their marketing efforts and earn greater profits. Colling Media aligns itself as a partner with each client to merge the science and art of advertising. Through targeted consumer market and media research (TV Scan, Tap Scan, Neilson and Arbitron), we pinpoint the demands of multifaceted advertising markets to exact creative integrated solutions.

Colling Media collaborates with a variety of stations, including Clear Channel, CBS, Fox, ABC, Cox Communications, Arizona Republic, Google, KTAR. We leverage our long-standing relationships and buying power to ensure the most competitive rates in the market.


Colling Media knows that online success extends well beyond the destination point and aesthetics of your website. We evaluate the success of your interactive campaigns and make tactical adjustments to minimize waste and maximize results. Through strategic Internet consulting, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, pay per click campaigns and website development, Colling Media provides highly targeted, cost effective solutions in online advertising.


Colling Media provides consulting for clients who wish to update their advertising campaigns and maximize profit potential. Through our expertise in sales and marketing, we offer proven strategies that help clients convert leads into sales.

Colling Media can also supply written scripts for incoming calls and illustrate methods for identifying your ad sources. We establish dedicated phone lines and web addresses, as well as evaluate the overall infrastructure of your organization. At Colling Media, we embark on a true partnership to help your business achieve the growth and success it deserves.

14362 N Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. Ste 1270
Scottsdale AZ 85260
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