Crown Import Corporation
5813 N 7th St
Phoenix AZ 85014
About Us

Crown Import Corporation has proudly served Phoenix and the Valley of the Sun for over 50 years. Crown Import is locally owned and operated by Jane Lee. Crown's reputation is built upon superior product, wide variety, unique designs, and custom service.

Product Categories
  •  Silk Flowers, plants and trees
  •  Custom Design Services
  •  French Ribbon
  •  Garlands, Wreaths (including 8 foot wreaths), and Trimmings
  •  Décor and Arrangements for Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and Every Season
  •  Wedding Bouquets, Pew Arrangements, and Centerpieces
  •  Church Alter and Synagogue Floral Arrangements
  •  Pots and Vases
  •  Tree Ornaments
  •  Christmas, Holiday, and Novelty Lights
  •  Florist Supplies
  •  And more...

Other Services
     Decorating services available for residential & commercial arrangements

5813 N 7th St
Phoenix AZ 85014
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