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About Us

Executive Team:  CEA's executive team articulates and directs the mission, vision, and strategy of the organization. They ensure a cohesive strategy driven by CEA's mission to create and facilitate opportunities for student academic achievement, global competence and personal growth through quality international education.

Leadership Team:  CEA’s leadership team aligns CEA programs and services with the company mission, vision and strategy. The leadership team focuses upon aligning CEA with best practices in the field, and building and managing external relationships. They've assisted CEA in achieving many long-range goals, from eye-opening organizational growth to the program development and self-imposed quality assessment that growth has enabled.

International Team:  CEA Global Education Regional, Campus and Program Directors ensure the quality and safety of our programs by orchestrating the details that go into a successful and enriching study abroad experience for our students.

Study Abroad Destinations:
Argentina - Buenos Aires 
Brazi - Florianópolis 
Chile - Viña del Mar 
China - Shanghai 
Costa Rica - San José 
Czech Republic - Prague 
England - London 
France - Aix-en-Provence; French Alps; French Riviera; Paris  
Germany - Berlin 
Ireland - Dublin; Galway
Italy - Florence; Rome 
South Africa - Port Elizabeth 
Spain - Aliicante; Barcelona; Granada; Madrid; Seville  
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2999 N 44th St Ste 200
Phoenix AZ 85018
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