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Flagstaff AZ 86005
Home of Dark Sky Solutions. We are very excited about this new beginning and will be updating our website as well as our Facebook page frequently in order to keep our customers in the know of current happenings, projects and mind blowing concepts for the outdoor, survival and weapons industries.

This venture was brought about when Doc realized the need for true customer service while providing quality products to customers at the best possible prices. We wanted to turn our passion for firearms into a family run business that can provide our customers with extra attention to detail and listen to our customers needs, we aren’t your typical gun store. You know when you walk into a gun store, it’s usually hard to get any help and the people behind the counter probably all ready have passed judgement on you for whatever reason. Really not a place we want to go to spend our hard earned aftertax dollars. We have experienced this sort of ego while purchasing firearms prior to our FFL license and want to eliminate that situation for any and all of our customers. When you call you will always get a real person to answer the phone, if we aren’t on the line with another customer. 

If the items are on our website, that means we have the product you want to order available and will ship it to you after you order as fast as humanly possible as long as all the paperwork is in order(if required for select products).

About Dark Sky Solutions
Dark Sky Solutions is a Disabled Veteran Owned and operated business that was started in 2010 while “Doc” was stationed in California.  The lack of true customer service in the outdoor, survival and self defense industries was what prompted him to get into the industry. Dark Sky Solutions was developed in order to bring quality products in the Outdoor, Survival, Hunting and Self Defense industries to the end user at acceptable prices.

“Doc” retired from the military and Dark Sky Solutions relocated to Flagstaff in Northern Arizona.

About Doc
Jason, or Doc as he has been called for the last 20+ years while serving in the US Navy, is born and bread in Western Arizona on the river. At 18 years old he joined the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman and served with various US Marine Corps Infantry units, Naval Medical Commands, and US Special Forces units in CENTCOM, PACOM and AFRICOM Areas of Responsibility(AOR). After 20 active years in the Navy and away from family and friends Doc decided it was time to cut straps and begin his second career in a field he truly loves and excels at. Jason is an Instructor for the USCCA(United States Concealed Carry Association) and the NRA as well as Master Training Specialist (9502), Human Simulation Lab Instructor, and a Tactical Combat Causality Care(TCCC) Instructor.

Flagstaff AZ 86005
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