Desert Sky K9

Our program is tailored to each individual dog, with the owner's goals in mind. Our training develop's a dog's natural talents. We strive to produce dogs that will be "ALL THAT THEY CAN BE," instilling confidence, enthusiasm, and reliability.
Great emphasis is placed on showing and teaching them as they proceed through training. Your dog learns through repetition and success, and achieves a clear understanding of what is expected. Our training methods are designed to build a solid foundation using both conventional and modern techniques proven to provide a successful training program.
Why do I need to train my dog?
Whether you realize it or not, you are constantly training and conditioning your dog to perform certain behaviors and avoid others. In dog training, timing is everything. Your dog does not know what is expected, acceptable or undesirable behavior until he/she is shown through repetition, patience, and positive reinforcement.
Fortunately, there are many sound methods for teaching your dog to be the companion you always envisioned, while facilitating a positive experience for both you and your dog. This is where Desert Sky K9 can be an invaluable asset to you. We create owner/canine teams, while you are your dog progress and have fun training.
We train your dog so that he/she can be a happier, healthier, and more well adjusted companion that you will be happy to take anywhere and because your dog 
wants to spend his/her life at your side. That's why we train your dog.
We also provide trained dogs for companionship, and protection. 

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