Earthwise Engineering

About Us

Similar to our bodies, a house or building is a network of interconnecting systems reacts to the environment around it. Understanding how buildings are designed and how they interact with their environment is the basis of building science.

Traditionally, this involves a thorough understanding of the materials used and the building envelope, specifically as it relates to energy consumption. Earthwise Engineering is focused on demonstrating, through a systems based approach how builders, homeowners and commercial property owners can better utilize their energy dollars and conserve natural resources without sacrificing comfort, convenience, and most importantly, occupant safety.

We accomplish these goals through physical audits, plan review, design consulting and partnering with the real estate and mortgage community on Energy Efficient Mortgages and related programs.


  • BPI Audits - Modular and Site Built Applications
  • Certified HERS Rater - Modular and Site Built Applications
  • Manufactured Home Energy Audits - We are experts in this area!
  • Utility Bill Analysis
  • Home Comfort Issue Analysis
  • Thermal Imaging (thermal camera scans for air infiltration, missing insulation, and moisture location)
  • Green Building Consulting
  • Energy Code Compliance and Plan Review
  • Energy Code Building Inspection Services
  • Energy Star Certifications for New Homes
  • Energy Efficient Mortgage Partner
  • CA Title 24 Calculations and Manual J Heating/Cooling Load Calculations
  • Single-family, Multi-family, Commercial, and Modular/Systems Built Applications
  • Volume Inspection Program (VIP) pricing for production and semi-custom home builders
  • Modular feasibility studies for developers unfamiliar with modular construction and investigating its applicability for current projects. Builder references and affiliate relationships available.