Epps Forensic Consulting, PLLC
13880 N. Northsight Blvd. #115
Scottsdale AZ 85260

About Us

Epps Forensic Consulting specializes in forensic and investigative accounting. Our clients include attorneys, insurance companies, individuals, and businesses requiring expert assistance with financial analysis and/or investigations.


Litigation Support
Insurance Claims
Fraud Investigation
Business Valuation
Analysis of Financial Condition
Family Law
Discovery Requests
Computer-Related Insurance Services
Forensic Technologies (Computer Forensics)
Network Security Analysis and Consultation
Network/Computer Consulting

The governing principle at Epps Forensic Consulting is to arrive at the right answer. We take the concepts of Objectivity and Independence as seriously as we take pride in the quality of our analyses.

13880 N. Northsight Blvd. #115
Scottsdale AZ 85260
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