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We are currently making appointments to design new landscapes. Enjoy the garden and outdoor living space of your dreams this season.

What do you see when you pull into your driveway and approach your new home? Do you see planters below your windows and flower beds that accent your front walkway? Would you like a patio or deck large enough to entertain? Possibly a shaded area away from that hot afternoon summer sun? Do you see an area of lawn? Do you wish to hear the sounds of water from a fountain or other water feature? And most important; what kind of theme do you wish to create? These are some of the questions that good landscape designers take into consideration when creating a plan, your plan! Your property is unique and has its own framework that must be developed.

The first step in developing a plan is to ascertain your family's needs. Do you want a garden, borders, maybe accent walls? Do you need a place for a swing set, a patio, or deck for a BBQ or entertaining? Do you have enough privacy from your neighbors?

Secondly, one should inventory the site. This entails measuring the area to be designed and locating existing features on good ol' fashioned graph paper. One should note all environmental features, like the flow of water, sunny, shady, and windy areas. Check your soil and have it tested, for most soil in the desert needs to be enriched or otherwise improved. Designate good views to be retained and views to be screened. Get as much information as possible on your plan.

Think of your location, your neighborhood, and the regional characteristics of the area. If you view mountains of the area, do you want your landscape to have a desert feeling? What do you like about your neighbors property? is there a common theme throughout the neighborhood?

The size of your property will determine whether you need to break up the spaces to gain a feeling of enclosure or focus on distant views to make your space feel larger.

Firebird Landscaping's trained staff of designers will solve your design problems with creative and economical solutions. We will provide you with great designs and professional installation. Our most important consideration is to help our clients develop a landscape that fits their needs and lifestyle; now and in the future.

6634 W. Straight Arrow Lane
Phoenix AZ 85083
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