Halcon Computer Repair
8627 N 27th Dr
Phoenix AZ 85051
Are you experiencing computer trouble and need something fixed, maybe a 
virus removed? I can fix ALL computer problems for a small fee. 

I have been repairing computer systems and networks for over 10 years 
with ZERO unsatisfied customers! I take pride in my work and care about 
performing quality service. If your system cannot be repaired there will
be NO FEE! Some of the many thing I am capable of doing include, but 
are not limited to:

- Malicious Software Removal- (viruses, trojans, spyware, adware, malware, etc)

- Software/Hardware Upgrades - (be up to date with both software & hardware)

- System Enhancement - (if your computer is running slow we can make it like new)

- Advanced Maintenance - (deep analysis & inspection of your computer)

- Data Backup & Restoration - (backup of critical files & restoration of lost/damaged files)

- Secure Data Removal - (you can be sure that crucial information is irretrievable)

- System Building - (need a new computer built, we do that too)

-Laptop screen replace $30 + screen cost(the normal cost for screen is $30 to $60)

-Laptop keyboard repair $20 + keyboard cost (the normal cost for keyboard is $10 to $25)

-laptop power connector or power jack $40 (includes parts and labor)

We are open 24 hours and are repairing computers around-the-clock!

We DO NOT believe in charging an arm and a leg like "leading services"

8627 N 27th Dr
Phoenix AZ 85051
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