Healthcare Solutions Centers, LLC
4831 N 11th St
Phoenix AZ 85014
About us:

Our integrated team of healthcare providers are committed to providing personalized patient care. Through our on-site healthcare clinics, we are able to provide comprehensive healthcare that includes wellness, preventative care, urgent care and disease management.  

We can be on-site 1-5 days per week, flexible to your company's needs and available 24/7 for telephonic triage at no extra cost.  We do not charge our clients based on per employee per month totals because we want your clinic's utilization to be high.  We also provide monthly clinic usage statistics and other customized reports. 

Healthcare Solutions Centers are a team of highly skilled medical practitioners dedicated to providing your employees with high quality healthcare while reducing your company's overall healthcare cost.

We bring quality healthcare to your company through our on-site healthcare clinics.

Each on-site healthcare clinic is individually tailored to your company's needs and staffed by a certified Family Nurse Practitioner that will be your company healthcare advocate.