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We Handle It All -- You Concentrate on Healing

Our personalized representational service helps to improve your chance of receiving cash benefits in a timely fashion. A case can be completed from 50% to 75% faster than most attorneys at a significantly reduced price.

Our knowledge of the Social Security disability process, tools and techniques are not available to attorneys. Our approach to Social Security disability cases enables us to complete your case with:

• Faster case decisions
• Improved chance of winning
• Lower cost for representation -- no hidden fees
• Less work for the applicant
• Less emotional trauma for the claimant
• Helping Hand does not drag out your case in order to inflate our fee.

Helping Hand is hands on, proactive and accessible. You pay nothing until or unless you win your benefits. Helping Hand offers a free case review without cost or obligation.

If you, a family member or a friend is disabled either physically or mentally, you have come to the right place! I am a non-attorney disability advocate. I specialize in and have been specifically trained to help those who are applying for Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income obtain needed benefits. I am authorized by the Social Security Administration to handle all issues relating to disability claims from the initial application through the Administrative Law Judge stage.

There are two major Social Security disability benefit programs. These are Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Generally, SSI is for those with little or no work history and have few if any financial resources. SSDI is for those who meet Social Security's criteria for working quarters paid into the system. To apply and receive either of these benefit packages, you must meet the programs specific eligibility requirements, both financially and medically.

The determination of eligibility to receive disability benefits is a medical decision based on the severity of your condition. How your condition is presented to Social Security is critical to the decision. Even if you suffer from an extremely serious medical impairment, your case can still be denied if the case is not presented properly.

We gather all your doctors’ records, diagnostic test results as well as obtain doctors statements regarding your particular condition and inability to work. We will insure all forms are filled out in detail. Little things make a difference. Call (928-757-2500) and ask why a gallon of milk, potatoes, toenails and a high school football field could make a difference in winning your benefits.

Ultimately all of these records and documents need to answer the one question Social Security has which is, Are you physically and mentally capable of doing a job that is generally available in the everyday world? Not just your past work or can you even find work, but any type job. This is where we prepare a written report, called a formal argument, detailing how your impairment prevent you from doing any job.

According to law, Social Security must consider this argument when making their decision. This greatly increases your chance of winning your benefits. Hiring an advocate is easy and it costs you nothing unless and until your case is won.

Helping Hand will represent your case at one or all three of the application levels. If an Administrative Law Judge hearing becomes necessary, we will thoroughly prepare you and assertively present the facts of your condition. I will counter any statement made by a vocational or medical expert should there be one arguing that there is no possibility you can adjust to any work. This is the key step in winning your benefits.

We care about your claim as if it were our own. This is your opportunity to determine if your case is strong enough to present to Social Security as well as how Helping Hand can strengthen and develop your case, increasing your chances of receiving cash benefits.

Don’t wait a year or more to receive your hard earned benefits. We look forward to hearing from you.

7125 Stockton Hill Rd
Kingman AZ 86409
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