Higher Power Marketing

About Us:

Our passion at Higher Power Marketing (HPM) is helping people do more of what they love to do! For our advertising clients this means helping make their businesses go and grow; for our media partners it means helping them generate cash for their left-over time and/or space… stuff they haven’t been able to sell, and will otherwise take a loss on. We’ve seen the gaps in the marketplace and work hard at being a trusted steward… a company that puts the needs of its clients and media partners first… pairing them up, for everyone’s mutual benefit! Our passion leads us to always be asking “how can we do this better?” The answers have produced technological breakthroughs that we’ve shared with the industry, just to help everyone improve the work they do, and include numericalizing URL’s for flawless online tracking of off-line advertising campaigns, roadblock technology that improves the quality of mobile-media driven inbound calls by up to 97%, and a completely automated ordering system that insures 99.99999% accuracy of both advertising media and the reporting that supports our media distribution. If you’re not an HPM client, but want more qualified calls delivered into your sales funnel, we can help you. If you’re a media company with unsold time/space that you’d like to convert into cash, we can deliver! We can work with anyone, anywhere in their business-building process… from a person who has no experience in advertising to a “Grand Master”, and help them achieve their inbound call or lead generation goals. We ask a series of questions, the answers to which tell us where a company is in their process, and where they fit into The Path. The HPM Path to Predictable Growth is a diagnostic tool that we use to help us correctly evaluate where a company is in their marketing and advertising situation so that we can provide them with the right tools to do the right job based on all of their circumstances. We start by analyzing the media and work to decide the best approach to placing the message: either Cash Buying, (purchasing the advertising time or space in advance); or as Per-Inquiry Advertising where you pay on a per-call basis. Regardless of the recommendation, your advertisement will cost you less money and generate better leads for your company. HPM offers professional media production services starting with action-driven content that generates excitement around your product or service. We take pride in creating radio, TV, print, online and mobile banner advertising that accurately positions your business in the marketplace, and gives consumers a truly compelling reason to make contact. From innovative products, to traditional services, let HPM create the right message for your company and then advertise it to the right market.



Direct Response (DR) Advertising is a form of advertising designed to generate an immediate, measurable response that can be attributed to a specific message running on a specific media outlet. DR advertising asks the consumer to take an immediate, direct action - while branding-oriented advertising is full of features, benefits and brand-image connections, with a diffuse call-to-action, or none at all. Direct Response Advertising can be done in most media, including TV, radio, mail, print, telemarketing, catalogs and online media. There are a couple of different types of Direct Response Advertising. Cash Buying. Cash Buying DR Advertising is where we pre-pay and buy a specific quantity of time or space in radio, TV, print or the web. Our clients’ ads run as ordered - though many agencies’ DR advertising schedules get bumped by other advertisers who pay higher rates for the same time/space. Once the schedule has run its course, the results are tabulated and the metrics resolved. Per-Inquiry, or Pay-Per-Call. Per-Inquiry Advertising is where the client agrees to pay a set price for each qualifying call the media generates, instead of paying for the media outlet’s time or space costs. The HPM Difference. HPM saves advertisers time and money. Through years (15 and counting) of established professional and personal relationships with an astounding array of media companies, HPM is able to acquire exceptional media at profound savings for our clients. We spend millions of dollars a year, every year, with any number of media companies; we leverage that buying power to benefit our clients through dramatically lower advertising prices. And unlike many other agencies whose client schedules fail to clear, The vast majority of our clients enjoy 100% clearance (93% is our ‘worst-case’ scenario) of the advertising schedules we buy on their behalf; there’s enormous power in our relationships with the media, and that benefits every single HPM client. We’re able to place our clients’ ads on appropriate media channels in front of the right target market for pennies on the dollar, or on a pay-per-call basis, or a combination of cash and PI advertising. The HPM Path is the tool we use to evaluate the client’s current marketing situation, and either establish a new path, change the current direction, or offer a cleaner, clearer approach to delivering trackable and measurable results that increase incoming calls and sales.