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About Us

  Jeff Zurbriggen, Attorney at Law graduated Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Cum Laude, in 1992.

He attended Arizona State University Law School and graduated with Distinction in 1994.  He also has held a Master of Business Administration degree, Summa Cum Laude, from Arizona State University since 1997.

Mr. Zurbriggen has been licensed with the Arizona State Bar since 1995 and have never had a bar complaint. I am also licensed in the Arizona Federal Courts.

Practice Areas

Criminal Law:

    »   Felony Defense

    »  Misdemeanor Defense

    »  Victim Representation

 Juvenile Law:

   »   Termination of Parental Rights/Severances

   »   Dependency/Child Protective Services

   »   Delinquency/Criminal Actions by Juveniles

   »   Adoptions

   »   Guardianships and Powers of Attorney

   »   Emancipation of a Minor

   »   Intervention by Grandparents/Relatives/Foster Parent Rights  

 Family Law/Domestic Relations:

  »   Divorce/Dissolution – with or without children

   »  Child Custody/Access/Visitation

   »  Child Support

   »  Annulment

   »  Grandparent Rights

   »  In Loco Parentis – Grandparent, Step Parent and Interested Person Rights 


  »  State Levels – Arizona State Superior, Court of Appeals, and Supreme Court

  »  Areas – Civil and Criminal

 Civil Law:

  »   Negligence

  »   Automobile/Motorcycle Accidents

  »   Intentional Torts 

  »   Plaintiff and Defendant

301 E Bethany Home Rd Ste C250
Phoenix AZ 85012
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