Kettle Heroes
Kettle Heroes
Be Humble. Be Honest. Be a Hero.

We are a family-owned and operated, local Arizona company. Kettle Heroes was launched in August 2013 by two brothers looking to make a small difference in the world. With over ten years in the food and manufacturing sectors, we strive to offer customers young and old the best kettle corn and lemonade in the Southwest. That means using only top quality, all-natural ingredients in all of our recipes.

More importantly, Kettle Heroes is about serving the local community. Through our Foundation, we donate at least 20% of our profits to benefit schools, charities, and those in need.

We pledge to:
-Act ethically, honestly, and with integrity
-Be positive stewards and champions of our community and those in need
-Be humble and leave our egos at home
-Treat everyone with respect and dignity
-Motivate and inspire
-Develop future leaders