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The Koehler Chemie is headquartered in Bensheim, West Germany, and mineral research was started nearly 70 years ago by Dr. Franz Koehler who, like Dr. Hans Nieper, was a pioneer in the research and development of effective mineral transporters. Many physicians have prescribed the Koehler products for the past 70 years throughout European countries. Koehler Company, USA has been the exclusive distributor in the United States for the past 28 years.

The Koehler minerals are in fact not comparable to other suppliers' inorganic salts, hence their effects differ, as well as costing more to manufacture – as you've already mentioned. Using aspartic acid and EAP as chelating agents yields the following advantages vis-a-vis the usual run of organic salts or oxides used by other suppliers:

-The cations enclosed in the chelate structure can penetrate electrically neutral lipid layers.

-This improves bio-availability so that electrolytes and trace elements can reach their bio-active center more effectively.

-Inside cells, after handing off minerals to the appropriate bioligands (enzymes, proteins, membranes, etc.) with their catalytic action on biochemical processes, aspartic acid and/or EAP can carry out other functions (e.g. aspartic acid is involved in energy metabolism, the ornitine and citrate cycles, protein biosynthesis, activation of mitochondrial processes, and in the nucleus during cell reproduction; as a molecular component of all membranes, EAP supports membrane morphology and functionality withrespect to regulation of membrane transport activities. Yet we know that neural processes in particular – MS, Alzheimer's, diabetogenic neuropathies, neurodermitis, etc. – can be quite positively influenced by Ca-EAP. The beneficial effect is attributable to both the calcium and, most especially, the EAP.).

-This form adds to production costs, but is absolutely necessary to account for the aforementioned characteristics. The acidic gastric juices would destroy the chelating minerals and trace elements and their effect would be lost, being then comparable only to the inorganic salts. The Koehler minerals thus offer benefits that no other product of this kind does!

The comparison with the Mercedes is actually meant as a positive one: once I'm convinced of a Mercedes' superiority, I don't need a new justification every week as to why the Mercedes costs somewhat more than a VW. It is, rather, incumbent on you and your team to consider how to structure your marketing efforts around the product, calling attention to the "Mercedes" with services and information sources.

What makes Koehler products unique?

Each of the Koehler products is a Chelated Mineral. Chelation is the process of bonding a mineral to an amino acid. This bonding makes it easier to digest and assimilate for proper utilization in the body.

What else?

The tablets are Enterra-coated. This process was developed by Dr. Koehler and allows the tablet to pass through the stomach. The special coating resists the stomach acids and allows the tablet to be absorbed in the duodenum.


Mynax and Peaca are bound to a mineral transporter, aminoethanol phosphate (EAP). This substance is a structural element in the myelin sheath covering nervous system tissue and is involved in cellular phospholipids biochemistry.

Prescott AZ 86303
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