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3050 S. country Club Dr., Ste 23
Mesa AZ 85210
Our story and commitment to you  

I am a Japanese American woman born in San Francisco and raised in Arizona. After graduating Arizona State University I entered the corporate world where I have spent many years honing my professional skills.

When I drink tea as I do many times each day I stay true to the Eastern philosophies of the Japanese tea tradition that encompass the core values of how I run my business and live and enjoy my life.

Lifetime Tea was founded on the concept of providing a selection of the highest quality teas at the best prices. As an avid tea drinker I am aware that tea drinkers consume tea for a lifetime. Our customers consider Lifetime Tea as their tea resource for a life time. To earn our business we are committed to always stand behind our promise of low price and high quality. By keeping our inventory limited to the teas we sell the most, we secure the best prices possible which is passed on to you. For many of our teas the one pound bag offers the best pricing, however the two ounce package is a good way to try something new. 

Omakase is a Japanese phrase that means "I'll leave it to you” to provide me with the best sample available (from Japanese "to entrust"). Offering free samples allows our customers to try before you buy so you can purchase with confidence. I believe this also sets us apart.

We strive to always serve our customers competently, efficiently and knowledgeably.  By carefully selecting sustainable teas and accessories we are committed to being good environmental stewards that will allow the planet to flourish for generations to come.

In Japanese Ikigai (ee-kee-gai) is our zest for life and reason for being. It is that passion that wakes us up in the morning. Our job in life is to find our own personal ikigai, our reason for being, and to wake up every day and fulfill that mission.
Tea helps us find our ikigai because tea makes us healthy, focused, relaxed and happy.

I welcome you to shop our store and explore the products and services we offer and try a sample or two or three.

Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions or concerns.

Domo Arigato,


Lummy Morishita

3050 S. country Club Dr., Ste 23
Mesa AZ 85210
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