Logicom, LLC

Larry Treiber, owner of LOGICOM, is one of those rare individuals who's an Arizona native. He arrived in Prescott in the late 1980s and immediately called it home. Larry (shown right with customer) started LOGICOM in 1991—long before the corporate, big-box stores opened—and has developed many long-lasting relationships through his dedication to customer satisfaction. As a small technology company based in Prescott, LOGICOM can provide consistent, reliable and personalized computer repairs and training which is more difficult for larger companies with employee turnover. When you call on LOGICOM for help, you'll be able to request and have service from the same technician you used originally. With Larry's Passing in mid January 2012, his wife Arlene Trieber called apon her son Matthew Kaufman, who has owned his very own company in New York for years, to take over LOGICOM and carry on his Legacy. Matthew has the same views and goals for LOGICOM as Larry did, and will not change the attention to detail and the personal service Larry has always provided.

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