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About Us

 Barbara J. Luther, J.D., M.B., MBA --  A Patent Attorney Who REALLY Knows the Ropes

       Barb Luther’s experience covers academia … genetic science … medicine …business … entrepreneurship … and of course, law.  So her solutions are not abstract or imaginary … they’re born from hard-won, practical, hands-on experience.

Don’t look for us among the giant, high-priced firms.  Our fees are set in the real world.  And our rent is not nearly as high.

We’re also not among the non-lawyer “agents” for whom this may be a hobby. We’re deadly serious about securing and protecting your intellectual property rights. Luther Law’s patents – hundreds of them, for large and small firms and individuals alike – have withstood court challenges, generated an eight-figure court settlement, actually changed (for the better) the way the Patent Office does business, and produced millions of dollars annually from many well-known corporations in license fees to the inventors.

Luther Law has special expertise in:

   > Trademarks
   > Copyrights
   > Infringement Rights
   > Patents
   > Intellectual property rights
   > Pharmaceuticals and Proteins

8149 N 87th Pl Ste 139-140
Scottsdale AZ 85258
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