Managed Care Alternatives, Inc.
3031 W. Northern Avenue #111
Phoenix AZ 85051

Managed Care Alternatives, Inc. (MCA) is a full-service Medical Billing and Medical Practice Management Company specifically designed to…
  • Return physicians to the task of what they were trained to do - deliver quality medical care.
  • Reduce the administrative tasks and responsibilities demanded of the physician and his/her medical staff by eliminating endless hours spent in meetings with vendors, or on the phone with clearinghouses and carriers.
  • Stay on the cutting edge of all of the technical, procedural, and administrative changes in the industry.
  • Increase the bottom line performance of your Practice.   

Our Team
Our management team consists of dedicated men and women who have exceptional backgrounds and proven experience in real-life medical service. Michael T. Williams, President, held the position of Regional Vice-President for the largest PPO network in the state of Arizona for 11 years prior to founding Managed Care Alternatives, Inc. He is a graduate of Arizona State University.  

Customized Service Standard medical billing services offer only the billing component of the physician’s needs. MCA products are designed to encompass ALL aspects of Practice Management. These services are individually customized to meet the changing needs of each practice, while supplying a complete source of administrative knowledge and experience.

3031 W. Northern Avenue #111
Phoenix AZ 85051
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