Merchants Information Solutions, Inc.
301 E. Virginia Avenue, Suite 4000
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A Century of Growth and Innovation

Merchants Information Solutions, Inc. (MIS) was originally incorporated in Phoenix, Arizona on February 15, 1912 - the day after Arizona became a state.

Known then as Merchant's and Manufacturer's Exchange, the company functioned primarily as a board of trade and better business bureau. By the early 1920s, the company was offering consumer credit-reporting services.

Over the next several years, Merchant's and Manufacturer's Exchange laid the foundation for companies like the Better Business Bureau, Wholesaler's Credit Exchange, and Lender's Exchange.

In 1928, what was once a publicly traded company became a non-stock, member-owned corporation. In 1946, at the request of the Associated Credit Bureaus, the company unofficially changed its name to The Credit Bureau of Phoenix. The change became official in 1958.

In 1971, The Credit Bureau of Phoenix was automated through TRW (now known as Experian®). This technological breakthrough made it possible to create a statewide credit file, and to that end the company began acquiring other Arizona credit-reporting agencies. Some were purchased outright, while two others - Pinetop and Safford - were automated as contract agencies.

In 1973, the company became Credit Data of Arizona. Over the next decade, it opened new offices in Tucson, Albuquerque, and El Paso, and automated 16 credit bureaus in New Mexico and West Texas.

The growth into other states spurred another name change for the company, which became Credit Data Southwest in 1985.

Known today as Merchants Information Solutions, Inc., the company is a member-owned corporation governed by a board of directors. In addition, in late 2006, Merchants Information Solutions became the parent company of Personnel Profiles Employment Screening, American Tescor, LLC and ID Advocates. These three recent acquisitions have made Merchants the largest employment screening provider in the State of Arizona.

301 E. Virginia Avenue, Suite 4000
Phoenix AZ 85004
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