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About Us 

  As the founder and president of My Favorite Tech, Bob Weber brings you over 20 years of experience in the computer field. That experience is broad and crosses quite a few industries. Bob has been certified as a NetWare Engineer; he's managed several system administration programs and has worked with every Microsoft operating system on the market. That means he can recommend options to meet all your computer needs.

Here are a few of the supporting programs we provide:

   » Review your hardware/software and recommend upgrades as appropriate
   » Create a custom computer system to meet special or unique needs
   » Advise on a desk, chair, and accessories for a set-up that's ergonomically best for you
   » Clean up your system to organize and archive your computer files
   » Pack, transport and re-connect your system when you move to a new home or business location
   » Pre-wire your house as it's being built or remodeled to handle multiple computers (this is great if you have more than one computer in your home, e.g., for each of your kids or a separate home office system)
   » Design a wireless configuration for your new or remodeled home
   » Digitally photograph your hardware components for use as property verification and insurance documentation (check with your insurance company for any specific requirements)

Greater Phoenix
Avondale AZ 85323
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