Nate Dog Training Services, LLC
1331 E Hiddenview Dr
Phoenix AZ 85048
My training program is designed to help you have a deeper understanding of your dog's needs and foster a better relationship with your dog through hands-on training using positive re-enforcement. Training is conducted at your home, and I work with all breeds, ages and temperaments.

I bring years of training experience to the Greater Phoenix area. My vast experience with dogs provides him with expertise to help you and your dogs.

* Animal Behavioral College Teacher/Mentor 
* Vet Recommended 
* Pet Store Recommended

A little about me...

Growing up in Iowa around my uncle’s farm, I’ve worked with animals my whole life.  That’s when I first started learning how animals communicate through energy, body language and eye contact.   Dogs have always been my constant teacher, they teach you patience, resilience, and courage.  

I started working with dogs as a volunteer at the Humane Society and noticed how many dogs needed help,  and I learned that the owners needed as much help as the dogs.  So I made it my mission to educate dog owners what dogs really need to be fulfilled.

I am a certified dog behaviorist and obedience trainer from Animal Behavior College.  I now work with rescue groups to foster their most severe cases to socialize and train them in order to be placed in forever homes.  Most of these dogs will not make it through the system, they would ultimately be put to sleep.  Using my back-to-dog basics training program, they will have a chance to fulfill someone’s dreams of owning a relaxed, social, trained dog.

I love what I do, giving dogs a voice.

1331 E Hiddenview Dr
Phoenix AZ 85048
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