Nature's Garden Delivered, Inc.
3102 W Lewis Ave Ste 7
Phoenix AZ 85009

Nature's Garden Delivered
is an exclusive organic produce delivery service with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Members enjoy pre arranged weekly and every other week fruit, vegetable, or mixed produce boxes.

Manage home or office deliveries with your online account. Each order is tailored to your preferences with options for additional changes to fit your needs.

No sign up fees, no membership fees, and the flexiblity to cancel anytime.


Many people have differing views on what is to be considered a local product. Rather than putting a concrete distance on mileage from our location, we like to use a generally accepted definition of local as being “within a day’s leisurely drive from ones home”.

  • Buying local helps the environment by greatly reducing shipping distances.
  • Buying local gives us the ability to deliver produce which has been harvested just days before you receive it.
  • Last, but not least, buying locally helps our local economy prosper.

We strive to locate items with the lowest carbon footprint. Occasionally we must purchase items from outside our local region, for example, bananas. All items are labeled accordingly.

3102 W Lewis Ave Ste 7
Phoenix AZ 85009
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