Naturzone Pest Control
12633 N Cave Creek Rd Ste 101
Phoenix AZ 85022

"Friendly To Everything But Bugs"

Our Typical Regular Visit Includes...

  • Thorough baiting of the property.  We always use natural baits as these can be walked across without concern and can also help draw out an infestation.
  • Inspection of all areas likely to harbor insects such as spiders.  Black widows can often end up in kids toys and patio furniture.  We flush these out using natural flushing products.  Inspection and treatment includes window and door frames, roof eves, valve boxes, etc.
  • We usually perform a barrier treatment using a well-chosen pyrethroid, but unlike many companies, our treatment is highly targeted and is done to avoid tracking pesticides into the home.
  • Garage and storage areas are treated when accessible.
  • Re-inspection is done and ant colonies are injected and other services done as needed.
  • All services are guaranteed


  • 12633 N Cave Creek Rd Ste 101
    Phoenix AZ 85022
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