Newtek Technology Services, Inc.
1904 W Parkside Ln Ste 201
Phoenix AZ 85027

Newtek is your one-stop cloud services provider—from websites and eCommerce solutions, to hosted business applications and large-scale computing needs, we’ve got your organization covered. We also specialize in hyper-secure solutions for industries that require heavy regulatory or compliance standards, such as medical and financial services.

With over 100,000 business accounts, Newtek has the resources and the experience to deliver high levels of performance while also meeting strict budgetary constraints. The rapid adoption of cloud computing over the past few years has allowed small businesses and other small to mid-sized organizations to gain access to computing power and software that had only been previously available to large corporations.

In other words, your organization can now run your business in the twenty-first century without the I.T. budget of a Fortune 500.
We are:
A credible business partner with over $60 million of Stockholders Equity, over $125 million in revenues and over 100,000 business accounts
We have operated as a publicly traded company for over eleven years, currently under Sarbanes-Oxley regulation
All of our corporate data, as well as your company data, is stored in our military-strength facility in Arizona, which is both SAS-70 Type II and PCI compliant
We have fully transparent financial statements which can be found online in our Investor Relations Section, Or at

1904 W Parkside Ln Ste 201
Phoenix AZ 85027
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