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OPAR MUSIC became a business in 1992; OPAR MUSIC is an acronym for Organ & P A Repair. Its roots started in 1978 when we did our first church sound system. In 1983 we graduated from ITT for computer and electronic repair. In 1989 we were hired by a California company called Organ Exchange and started repairing Organs & Digital Pianos. In 1992 we met Mr. Simes he was a Hammond & Gulbransen organ technician, he started in 1945 and we learned all about the Hammond & Gulbransen Organs. Mr. Simes retired and we were on our own. In 1995 the music stores in California were struggling so we moved the business to Mesa, Arizona.

OPAR MUSIC is well known throughout the whole state, we’ve had the pleasure of repairing thousands of organs & digital pianos. Installing new church organs & installing new sound systems for churches and auditoriums. And it has been a pleasure to refurbish the classic Hammond organ. 


OPAR MUSIC first and foremost puts Jesus Christ first in all that we do, you will find out that OPAR MUSIC is the friendliest company you have ever dealt with to repair your musical instrument. 



Receive service from OPAR MUSIC by:
Calling: 480-354-7274
E-Mail: gar5561@netscape.net
Fax: 480-656-2047