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At PLP, we are uniquely organized to provide a team approach to the practice of law. In addition to the experienced guidance of attorney David Patton, our firm employs staff who is trained to work with our attorneys and our clients to help solve the increasingly complex issues that arise in medical malpractice cases.

Our Medical and Legal Team

At PLP, our in-house Nurse Consultants possess over 40 years of combined nursing experience in surgery, trauma, general family practice, nursing home care and managed care. With 14 years of trauma and elective surgery experience, PLP's chief Nurse Consultant possesses an extensive understanding of many surgical procedures, yielding a unique advantage to PLP's team. Our Nurse Consultants are adept at perusing voluminous medical records and extracting the relevant data. Their keen understanding of hospital, surgical, and medical-support procedures enables PLP to quickly and accurately assess all cases to determine whether medical malpractice has been committed.

PLP consults with physicians in all fields of specialization. After reviewing the cases, these specialists provide their opinions and conclusions regarding medical malpractice, cause of injury or death, and a complete analysis relating to care and treatment.

Board Certified Physician Expert

DAVID M. PATTON, ESQ. - Licensed in Arizona
A native Arizonan, long driven by a strong desire to effect positive changes in society, David began his legal career in 1998, intent on helping victims of inadequate health care (medical malpractice). His interest in medical malpractice stems from the unfortunate imbalance that exists between the healthcare profession and its patients. As a patient advocate, David endeavors to bring patient issues to the forefront so that ultimately everyone can obtain quality healthcare.

8149 N 87th Pl
Scottsdale AZ 85258
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