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Pavement Marking, Inc. (PMI) was incorporated in 1991 in Tempe, AZ, and is Arizona’s oldest pavement marking firm. PMI isn't just a company — it’s also our people. Our mission is to always provide a quality job to our customers, and focus on customer service.

We perform our work safely, with pride and cost consciousness. We want our valued customers and employees to view us as the Arizona pavement marking company of choice. PMI constantly updates its fleet and seeks the very best people. We are proud of our equipment, our team, and our work.

From highway striping to marker removal and placement, PMI handles all your pavement marking needs. Contact us today for more information about any of our striping, marking removal and marker placement services.


PMI offers several choices in striping. Each has different features and considerations. The following table compares the various pavement marking methods available.

Pavement Marking Methods

Price Durability (Desert) Durability (Snowplow)*
Paint Paint Paint
Thermoplastic Epoxy Tape
Epoxy Thermoplastic Thermoplastic
Tape Tape Epoxy
Inlaid Markings Inlaid Markings Inlaid Markings

* Epoxy is a durable and low-profile pavement marking. PMI can also inlay materials into the surface which will dramatically improve durability.

Raised/recessed pavement markers and profile markings enhance traffic lane delineation in all situations, but especially in wet weather.

 Waterborne paint application Waterborne Paint

Waterborne paint with glass beads is the most common and economical pavement marking application. The glass beads, applied immediately after the paint is sprayed, provide the motoring public with nighttime reflectivity. Paint is typically applied at 10-15 mils wet film thickness.

 Thermoplastic application Thermoplastic

Thermoplastic with glass beads is a more durable pavement marking material, designed to last longer than paint. It is applied at temperatures in excess of 400 degrees F, and thicker than paint (typically between 60 and 90 mils), and can be either sprayed or extruded onto the pavement surface. Thermoplastic is more expensive than paint to apply, but less expensive than epoxy.

Epoxy truck  Epoxy

Epoxy with glass beads is a durable pavement marking material, designed for use in the higher elevations of Arizona (above 4,000 feet), to withstand the damage caused by snowplows. Epoxy is a two-part system, with two parts resin and one part of hardener, mixed together under high pressure and then sprayed. Epoxy is the most expensive, but most durable of the pavement markings applied by PMI. Epoxy is a low-profile pavement marking (typically 15-25 mils thick). The material durability, combined with a low-profie application, provides a pavement marking more likely to withstand the damage caused by snow plows.

 Reflective tape


PMI installs the full range of the industry's preformed pavement marking tape. Tape is a durable material used in legends, crosswalks, symbols, and in some lane line applications that require a highly durable/highly reflective, low maintenance application.


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