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Whether furry, finned, or feathered, pets are part of our families and making decisions about their care and who has access to your home while you travel is an important part of trip planning.  If you’ve never experienced the comfort, convenience, savings, and security of in-your-home pet care and homesitting services, here are a few things to consider.


Minimize stress and danger as your pets remain in the comfort of their own environment!

--Check out boarding facilities vs. in-home care and you’ll agree with your pets that “there’s no place like home.”  One less worry knowing that your pets are home in their own beds and waiting to greet you at the door upon your return.  


No rushing around to drop-off or pick-up your pets or pack and prepare your pet for boarding facilities!

--We come to your home to meet you and your pets and pickup/return keys…and at no additional charge!  When it’s time for you to travel, just walk out the door and we’ll take care of your pets and your home until you return.


Because of the increased risk and exposure of disease and contagions in boarding facilities, most require current vaccinations and recent flea/tick treatments.  For emergency travel or for those who practice a more holistic approach to their pet’s healthcare, your pets may not meet these requirements.

--Take comfort in the fact that risk of exposure to airborne diseases, fleas, ticks, and parasites is minimized by keeping your pets in their own home environment, possibly saving you money, inconvenience and heartache down the road.  As long as your pets have a current rabies vaccination, we’ll provide services.  Our caretakers practice rigid sanitary procedures before entering and after departing your home to minimize the spread of any conditions.


Especially during busy seasons, boarding facilities may be filled or family/friends unavailable or unable to care for your pets, especially those who are old, sick, or injured and require special care.

--Our team will do everything we can to accommodate your pet sitting needs, even during the holidays, last-minute travel plans, or if you are delayed in returning home.  All our caretakers are lifelong pet owners and rescue volunteers with the experience and skills, including animal emergency care training, to provide the care and love your pets deserve.  


Personal care for all your pets!

--Some boarding facilities don’t take puppies/kittens, older or ailing animals, or anything but dogs and cats.  If you’ve got a houseful of pets, we look forward to caring for all your animals regardless of type, breed, age, or condition.


You only pay for the services you need!

Boarding facilities have limited hours...some aren’t open on Sundays, holidays or evenings.  Fees continue adding up until their doors open back up and you retrieve your pets.  With our pet care, your pets will be waiting to welcome you home…no waiting, no additional fees.  And we offer special discounts (i.e. armed services, rescue pets, seniors, etc)!



Whether you have pets or not, maximize the security of your home while you are away with homesitting visits!

--Let our team of bonded/insured staff keep an eye on your home, discourage unwanted activity around your empty property, and promote security by opening/closing curtains, turning on/off lights, bringing in mail/papers and door flyers, moving trashcans to the curb and back, etc.  We can water your plants and start up your cars and keep an eye on your yard and pool.  We can help with basic home maintenance tasks and alert you or your service company of unexpected emergencies (i.e. water leaks).  And if you forget something, we can assist you while you are on the road.

13835 N Tatum Blvd Ste 9401
Phoenix AZ 85032
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