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Cremation of a companion pet is a service that responds to the tenderness of your grief and the respect you have for your pet's life. You can honor your pet by keeping the cremains in a special urn, burial, or you may choose to spread the cremains in your pet's favorite places. Your veterinarian is an excellent source for more information regarding pet death, euthanasia, and final care options. You may also call us directly to request our services. We are Coconino County’s only FULL SERVICE final care provider for companion pets.

You should request the services of PONDEROSA PET CREMATORY because:

-You want your pet's remains handled the day of death by a local, caring, provider.
-You want your pet's remains transported in a dedicated professional vehicle, receiving individual personal attention.
-You want the cremated remains available in 3-4 days.
-You want to know that the cremated remains you receive are those of your pet by documentation, double tagging          system, and chain of custody.
-You want to be able to visit the cremation facility and witness the process if you choose to do so.
-You want to determine who provides final care for your companion pet, not just accept a service because you’re told      “this is how we always do it.”
-You want a high level of service, not just the cheapest option.
-You want the final care provider to be available anytime, not just during regular business hours.

At Ponderosa Pet Crematory and Memorials, I know, personally and deeply, what losing a companion pet feels like. I remember what I expected when my “Charity” and “Barbara” passed away.
I honor this experience serving you, your family, and companion pet with dignity and respect

PONDEROSA PET CREMATORY has a variety of decorative urns and memorial markers, in our showroom and online. Thank you for considering PONDEROSA PET CREMATORY for the final care provider of your companion pet.

Colonel Russell Mann, Owner - Popnderosa Pet Crematory - Pet Cremation Services
Russell Mann graduated from NAU and taught kindergarten in the Flagstaff Public Schools for several years. Russell also graduated from the Missouri Auction School, received the honorary title of Colonel, and operated a successful auction company in Northern Arizona for 12 years. He has served as a full-time forensic assistant and certified investigator for the Coconino County Office of the Medical Examiner as well. He also worked for Maricopa County Animal Control and works part-time at both local funeral homes in Flagstaff.

From his own experience losing beloved pet companions, and his wide exposure in the community, he responded to a growing need among the many animal lovers of Northern Arizona for a final care provider for companion pets.

Russell is well known in the community as a man who follows his heart unflinchingly. This is the thread that weaves his careers and interests into the caring and colorful tapestry that is his life.

1519 N Main St Ste 109
Flagstaff AZ 86004
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