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Time constraints? We are here to help. We have simplified the process with our on-line application. While each FAA RVSM application varies, if your Flight Department does require an RVSM Manual ASAP, once we receive the Operator's Application and relative RVSM supporting Maintenance Documents we can offer a RVSM Manual within three (3) Business Days, Shipment is via FEDEX on Business Day 3 or 4.Updates on RVSM, SMS, G.O.M.s, and SAO  (Special Areas of Operation) Airspace

RVSM:    The FAA & ICAO RVSM will require Long-Term Height Monitoring with the new 2 year or 1000 hour requirement for RVSM Height Monitoring becomes applicable May 18 of 2011 (Read more on our news page).

SMS & Company G.O.M.:     If you are planning an International Trip to an ICAO State as of November 18, 2010 - Owners & Operator's of aircraft over 12,563 lbs are now required to comply with ICAO Annex 6, Part II and will require an SMS Program as well as a Company G.O.M. (General Operations Manual). Please make sure that you check with the specific Country that you are planning to fly to as to their time-line for compliance.  

We want to ensure each Client has comprehensive and accurate information as an immediate resource and readily available to the Flight Crew in the Cockpit. RVSM Compliance wants to ensure your RVSM Manual or International Operations Manual for MNPS, RNP-10, B-RNAV reflects current information. RVSM's focus is on Airspace and Flight Operations only. Our goal is to provide our Clients with a very useful Crew Resource for RVSM, Oceanic, and International Operations. Our Team invites each client to be well-informed before they purchase by contacting us for a free consultation or to schedule a Web Meeting to view our Manuals. 

About RVSM

Airspace In January 2005, the FAA designated flight levels FL290 through FL410 in North America as Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) airspace. Operators are now required to obtain special approval for flight operations conducted in this airspace.  RVSM allows aircraft operating between FL290 and FL410 to maintain a 1000 foot vertical separation, which allows more aircraft to operate within the same airspace. 

RVSM Approval Requirements

To obtain FAA approval, Aircraft Operators or Owners must submit an Application in the form of an RVSM Maintenance Manual & for International Oceanic, Atlantic, Pacific Flight Operations an Operations Manual as part of the RVSM Application to their FAA Flight Standards District Office for each aircraft acquisition. Once the Application & Manuals are approved, a Letter of Authorization (LOA) or Operation Specifications are issued that grants RVSM operator authorization.  This is an FAA requirement every time the registered owner and operator change. The LOA or Operation Specifications are valid continuously as long as the owner/operator, base of operation remains the same, and the aircraft RVSM Pilot certification, maintenance, and inspections are met.

RVSM Approval With Us

RVSM's main focus is on FAA & ICAO RVSM compliance and Special Areas of Operation Airspace including the North Atlantic Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications (NAT/MNPS), Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM), Area Navigation (RNAV), and Required Navigation Performance (RNP) airspace utilizing our Oceanic & International Operation's Manual. As Some ICAO States May Require, we also recommend a Flight Operations Manual which is customized for each Client's specific requirements in an ISO 9000 type format.

A Brief Overview of the FAA Approval Process:  The FAA FSDO will assign Aviation Safety Inspectors with Avionics, Maintenance, & Operations Experience as a team to Inspect each RVSM Application. The FAA will require the following verifications for each Operator in each RVSM application:

1.) Aircraft RVSM Supporting Airworthiness Documentation:  In-Service Aircraft as applicable: SB (Service Bulletin), STC (Supplemental Type Certificate), ASC (Aircraft Service Change), or SL (Service Letter). These are documents normally associated with the AFM (Airplane Flight Manual) Supplemental Information. and Form 337.
Aircraft that are Manufactured RVSM Compliant AFM, AFM Supplement, TCDS (Type Certification Data Sheet).

2.) MEL: For Operators operating under an MEL or MMEL that complies with the requirements of GC-059 - (MEL pages applicable to RVSM required systems).

3.) Maintenance Program: Stand-Alone RVSM Maintenance Manual

4.) Flight Crew Training: Part 142 Training Center, Course of Instruction, In-House Training (Pilot Training Syllabus may be required), and Record of Instruction

5.) Operational Policy, Procedures, or Manuals:  Stand-Alone RVSM Operations Manual or Section of Operator's Application documenting RVSM operational Policy and Procedures.

6.) RVSM Monitoring: Method and schedule to complete RVSM Height Monitoring.

7.) LOA or OPSPEC: Issued  by the FAA when all criteria is met.  

Our Team's background

RVSM is managed and operated by an active Corporate Jet & former Air Carrier Pilot who has an Aviation experience level of over 21 years. Since 2007, We have personally assisted Clients in receiving their Letter of Authorization (LOA) or OPSPEC's from the FAA. We have been involved with all RVSM FAA compliance requirements in FAR Parts 91 & 135 Operations.  Our team actively flys in the RVSM environment and has operated in this airspace since it's inception. We have had all of our RVSM Applications approved within considerably less time than the 60 day time frame set forth by the FAA.  With this being said, we can fully appreciate the accuracy of information and having a Manual and Program that meets or exceeds your Flight Department's requirements. This is our focal point. Our Team is results oriented and providing our Clients with a successful RVSM FAA approval process by providing a superior product is paramount. That's our promise to you.

Christian Oliver
Project Manager/Owner 

6424 E Greenway Pkwy Ste 100
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